Meet our 2022 Leadership Training Team with The University of Texas.

Leadership is Critical and Learned
Texas Consilium is collaborating with The University of Texas to provide our leadership training series for Texas leaders and companies who want to pursue excellence. Our 2022 series begins August 22 and runs through December.  It’s part of our mission to help Texas companies and their entire teams achieve their true potential!

At our Zoom breakfast on July 26, we hosted each of our instructors for our 2022 series.  Experience a brief overview of the power of their one and two-day programs.  We invite you to review our program, understand the issues they help resolve, and see how you can help us make this the most successful leadership training program in Texas.

Engage with our expert instructors.  You’re sure to leave with valuable ideas that will help you now, as well as great insights and perspective for what’s to come with each of our upcoming courses:

  • Leadership X-Factor: The Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Principles of Project Management (2-Day Program)
  • Critical Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • The Power of Strategic Communication
  • Coaching as a Leadership Strategy

We will continue to work together to create a Texas business experience like no other. The Pursuit of Excellence in action!




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