Travel & Leisure Readers Voted JSX the Best U.S. Airline by Far

JSX, one of Texas Consilium’s Business Excellence Award Finalists for 2022, was featured in Travel & Leisure magazine as the The Winner of their World’s Best Awards published July 9, 2024. Congratulations to Dallas-based JSX!  Not only was JSX #1 based on 186,000 T&L voters, but they won by a wide margin with a score of 95.48 compared to #2 Hawaiin Airline with a score of 78.71.

From Travel & Leisure:  JSX has changed the way many people fly, and that’s because it offers one thing most airlines don’t: convenience. The semi-private carrier flies out of private terminals, or FBOs (fixed-base operators), just as you would on a private jet, which means you get to breeze through a totally streamlined TSA-approved security program. “Easy check-in, like flying private, almost,” wrote one reader. That means you only need to show up 20 minutes before a domestic flight. Then, there’s the fact that JSX flies smaller jets with all business-class-style seating — and the bar, snacks, and Starlink Wi-Fi are included. If there’s anything to dislike about JSX, it’s the fact that it doesn’t fly everywhere quite yet. “Wish it flew to more cities,” wrote one reader. “They need more routes,” added another.

Read the Travel & Leisure story HERE.

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