Is Your Texas Business Achieving Its True Potential? 

Recognized by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas House of Representatives for our unique role in the economic development of our state, Texas Consilium is dedicated to growing the Texas economy through the delivery and implementation of business improvement services.

Simply stated, we are in the business of business excellence.

What We Do

BUSINESS diagnostics

Identify and overcome the complex issues that exist throughout your business using our proven, holistic approach and data-driven, measurable action plan.


Explore best practices and effective solutions to your most pressing business issues in a collaborative group setting with other industry leaders like you.

business improvement

Experience our highest level of business improvement collaboration designed to help you successfully navigate your mission-critical financial, process, and cultural challenges.


Unlock your professional and leadership potential with our comprehensive suite of in-person, CEU-qualified courses offered in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin.


Each year, we look for Texas businesses that expand and challenge traditional boundaries, commit to a journey of continual improvement, and serve as role models. Is your business eligible?


The Most Prestigious
Annual Award for 

Elevate your brand by nominating your company or organization for the Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award, the premier excellence award in the state of Texas.

The companies We Serve

Our Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award nominees exemplify the diversity of Texas businesses with whom we work. They all pursue excellence in a journey to become their best, and they understand that improvement is not a destination but a continuous process that never ends. The Texas companies we help also share one thing in common – they all recognize the value of the outside perspective.


Our Clients In Action

We measure our success through the impact of improving operational performance, removing barriers to growth, and accelerating your success. No issues exist in a silo. With our holistic approach Texas Consilium can address most any business issue you may have. It is a powerful concept!

We respect our clients’ need for confidentiality, but many can’t wait to tell about the critical business issues they solved with the help of Texas Consilium.

Examples of Results


Growth had plateaued while costs had increased, impairing profitability and raising stress throughout the organization. We developed processes to streamline operations, eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve controls which allowed the company to rapidly achieve record revenues with renewed confidence and profitability.


Disorganization within the company’s inventory management and warehouses were increasing costs and stress, while reducing profitability and customer satisfaction. We redesigned the primary warehouse, developed and implemented warehousing processes, and reduced costs while improving controls.


High labor costs had been impairing the company’s profitability for years. Through our diagnostics and holistic approach we identified various root causes of inefficient processes, scheduling, overtime and others – but the major surprise factor was systemic job-site fraud and embezzlement that was costing the company millions.


Declining profitability and financial losses were impairing this company’s ability to operate after decades of previous success. With our holistic approach, we quickly identified weak internal controls that were allowing overpayment for labor, theft of inventory and underbilling of customers resulting in lost revenues – all of which we helped the company resolve.


Disengagement by clients was creating a need for increased recruitment to replace turnover, resulting in higher costs, lower revenues, stress throughout the organization, and diminished service of their mission. Through interactive sessions with selected stakeholders we identified the psychographic, demographic, expectations and other issues that were in play and redesigned their engagement cycle and messaging in a way they called “truly transformational!”

What Makes Texas Consilium Unique?

We exist to serve only the Texas economy. We continue to serve only Texas businesses. And we deliver only the best resources and expertise to help Texas businesses grow, thrive, and achieve their vision of excellence.  

Trusted Expertise

Our world-class business advisors have decades of leadership experience with major consulting firms & operating companies..

Broad Bench

Our access to expertise spans state-wide & cross-industry, enabling us to assemble the ideal team for your business needs.

Holistic Approach

Our view of your organization as a complex system provides assurance that the root causes of your business issues can be identified and resolved. 

Created for Texas

Our organization is recognized by both the Texas House & Governor Abbott for our unique role in statewide economic development. 

Texas Focused

Our mission of improving the prosperity of individual Texas businesses equips us – like no other organization – to help Texas grow by helping you grow. 

Independent Non-Profit

Our focus – as a non-profit – is on the profitability and success of your organization instead of ours. Our success is driven by one thing only . . . your success!

Latest News & Upcoming Events

Stay tuned here for information on Texas Consilium business, networking, and educational opportunities as you continue your quest for business excellence.

Celebrating the Kindred Spirit

Joining Texas Consilium at our October Breakfast Meeting were honored guests and 2021 Business Excellence awardees Brad Morgan, Division Vice President and Abiola Anyebe PT, DPT, MBA & CEO of Southwest Division from Kindred Healthcare.

Join Our 2023 360 Leadership Group

If you are a Texas business leader who challenges the status quo, learns from other leaders, and believes in the continual pursuit of excellence, then join our 2023 360 Leadership Group on Friday, January 27, 2023 at Methodist Health System in downtown Dallas.

Business Excellence Awards

We’re getting so close to announcing the date and location of Texas Consilium’s 2023 Business Excellence Awards ceremony and Executive Summit. We’ll let you know as soon as the details are locked in!

Partner with us!

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