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The Diagnostic Analysis conducted by the Consilium’s experienced team is like getting a complete health physical for your business, similar to what you might undergo personally with your doctor. The specific diagnostic and analytical processes we use will be determined based on your specific situation, but will generally include:

  • Interviews with owners and key leadership;
  • Business issue self-assessments by the leadership team;
  • Observation of Company operations;
  • Surveys of key employees and analysis of results;
  • Analysis of Company’s accounting and information systems, structures and controls;
  • In-depth financial analysis and business analytics of key areas;
  • Development of a break-even analysis with line-item impacts;
  • Development of a dynamic forecaster & control tool for strategic planning;
  • Other diagnostic actions as considered necessary to identify existing business issues, prioritize opportunities for improvement, and develop an action plan for your Company.

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Experience our highest level of business improvement collaboration designed to help you successfully navigate your mission-critical financial, process, and cultural challenges.

360 LEADERSHIP groups

Explore best practices and effective solutions to your most pressing business issues in a collaborative group setting with other industry leaders like you.


Unlock your professional and leadership potential with our comprehensive suite of in-person, CEU-qualified courses offered in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin.

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