there is Power in Numbers

Whether you are currently in a CEO peer group or aspiring to explore an even more impactful network, seize the opportunity to elevate excellence within your Texas-based business and empower your entire team.

How does the Texas Consilium
360 Leadership Group work?

You will meet monthly with a group of 10-12 qualified and compatible Texas business leaders who are all on a journey of excellence.

Our 360 Leadership Group is designed to overcome a key challenge found in many peer group programs. Namely, in traditional CEO or executive peer groups,  members can only share what they know about their business — but it’s the unknown issues of a business that are the most critical to resolve.

Texas Consilium addresses this challenge by providing a comprehensive solution beyond any standard peer group program, spearheaded by a seasoned Texas Consilium Group Leader assigned to guide you and your group members. Assisted by a skilled Business Advocate facilitator, a dedicated team of Business Advisors, and cutting-edge diagnostic and business enhancement tools, you and your fellow leaders can transcend “normal,” showcasing your unwavering dedication to excellence and propelling you, your company and your group toward achieving your full potential. While 360 is not another peer group program, we often hear 360 described as  “a peer group on steroids.”

Distinguished by our collection of acclaimed member companies, 360 represents a diverse array of thriving Texan enterprises spanning various sectors. Unlike conventional profit-driven peer groups that sometimes aim solely to assemble participants, we prioritize quality over quantity. 360 Leadership Group members are meticulously chosen based on their proven track record of achieving remarkable success and their unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of continuous growth and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Compare 360 with Vistage and similar peer group programs and you will see the 360 advantage.

Even if you are in a peer group program, consider the benefits of engaging other current or up-and-coming leaders within your business to participate in Texas Consilium’s 360 program.

As a 360 Member, your Benefits & Options are Powerful

Monthly 360 group meetings are just the beginning.  With 360, you’ll find a home with like-minded individuals and experts who care. Your business is unique, but your business issues are not. With your fellow  360 group members, mentors, coaches, and guides, every business can be better.

Your Business Advocate

 An experienced liaison for your business who can connect you to our resources for more in-depth assistance.

Diagnostic Scoreboard

A confidential 360 Diagnostic and a business improvement scoreboard to track your Company’s progress.

Access to

As a 360 Member you will have access to Texas Consilium’s wide range of resources.

Achieve Your Potential

Bring recognition to your Company and your Texas group with friendly but motivating competition and continuous improvement.


Whether you want to sell your business for a premium now, or simply know that you can, Value Builder helps you increase the value.


You are not alone. Your group meetings will focus on the shared issues, opportunities and successes of you and your fellow group members.

360 Holistic Experience

Choose Your Focus: External, Internal or Both

Every organization has two necessary perspectives — (1) External, looking outside at markets and revenues, and (2) Internal, looking inside at operations and controls. Both are critical to success. In most organizations, executing these two unique perspectives are the responsibility of at least two different leaders whose views and activities must be brought together as part of a common system. Our Texas Consilium 360 Leadership Groups are organized with two tracks to allow you and your fellow leaders to focus on what’s most important to each of you.

The Best Member Experience for Your Company, Your Team and You

Your Experience Matters 

We ensure that every Member Company matters, with 10-12 members per group, and by measuring your group’s effectiveness and business progress. 100% refund of your investment if you actively participate and do not see value within three months.


Our Business Advocate leaders and participating subject matter experts are qualified based on unique abilities and experience in group dynamics, issue / conflict resolution, team building, meeting effectiveness, moderating, and facilitating.

Your Group Matters

Our Member Companies and their participating leaders are evaluated and selected for their group to insure true peer compatibility, with no conflict of interest and with diversity in culture, background, and leadership styles.

Your Business Matters

Your membership in 360 is for your business, not just you as an individual leader. This is a key distinction between peer group programs and 360 Leadership Groups. As such, any time you cannot personally attend a meeting, you may send your next in line. And while we’re helping individuals become better leaders, we’re also focused on helping member companies achieve their true potential for success through added complimentary benefits that include the following:

Diagnose Member Issues – Your Business Advocate, at your option, can arrange a confidential deep-dive 360 Diagnostic into your business, through which we will analyze your financial performance, survey your business issues, establish a baseline for tracking future improvement, and develop a preliminary action plan specific to your company.

Compile the Results – While each member’s diagnostic is confidential, we will compile your group members’ results into an anonymized composite profile which your group leader can use to bring valuable focus to your group activities. Target those business issues most common within your group to bring even greater value to your regular meeting programs.

Team Mentoring & Coaching – Your experienced Texas Consilium Group Leader and Business Advocate can extend your leadership group benefits through coaching and mentoring to your entire leadership team up to two hours per month at no additional charge. Your Business Advocate can also coordinate any business improvement programs throughout your business and connect you with the leadership and resources that may be needed.

Access to Resources – Texas Consilium can connect you with Texas resources in a way that many others cannot. Texas Consilium’s Business Excellence Awards connect us with some of the top business and governmental leaders in the State of Texas. We invite 360 members and their group leaders to join us as special guests at our annual Executive Summit, Awards event, VIP reception, plant tours, special events, networking opportunities and other Texas Consilium activities that may help you expand your world.

Track Improvement Progress – We will provide a methodology for identifying, quantifying and reporting the impact that improvement actions have on member businesses. We will process these actions, update your group’s improvement scoreboard, and report the combined impact at your meetings as a way to share lessons learned and provide accountability.

Compare Your Improvement Performance – Because we will be using a common methodology to track improvements made within each participating member’s business, Texas Consilium will be able to compare your group’s performance with that of other groups. Those groups creating the greatest improvement for their members will be recognized as champions in the pursuit of excellence!

What does all of this cost?

Far less than the value that you get, guaranteed! In fact, we are so certain of our 360 Leadership Group value that we will take 100% of the risk. If you actively participate for three months and don’t experience the value, we will provide you with a total return of your investment. 

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