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When you reach out to the Texas Consilium for assistance, you’ll be matched with an experienced Business Advocate who will get to know your goals and challenges, then identify the opportunities that will have the greatest positive impact on your business.

You’ll learn the potential impact of cost savings, revenue growth and overall profit improvement that could occur over the next five years, so that you can make informed decisions about next steps.

Of course, if you have specific urgent issues that need to be addressed, our Business Advocate can develop a plan with you for resolving them and identify our best subject matter experts to lead the resolution process.

Our Business Improvement Process

Additional Service Options


Identify and overcome the complex issues that exist throughout your business using our proven, holistic approach and data-driven, measurable action plan.

360 LEADERSHIP groups

Explore best practices and effective solutions to your most pressing business issues in a collaborative group setting with other industry leaders like you.


Unlock your professional and leadership potential with our comprehensive suite of in-person, CEU-qualified courses offered in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin.

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