The Texas Consilium is committed to helping Texas businesses thrive, and our blog serves to provide news and information that will inform our readership and help Texas businesses improve business performance and profitability.


The Texas Consilium is a nonprofit Texas economic-development corporation with a mission to grow the Texas economy by accelerating the profitable growth of individual Texas businesses, with a particular emphasis on manufacturers. We are a catalyst for improved profitability and are, simply put, in the business of business improvement. Our expanding team of highly-experienced, seasoned executives and professionals can address virtually any business issue obstructing profitability and growth from leadership, organizational structure, teamwork, information systems, processes, quality, market research, strategy, top-line growth, profitability and more. Collectively we have worked in thousands of businesses where we have seen what works and what doesn’t. “Consilium” is Latin for “Council of wise advisors.” It is a powerful concept!

The Consilium originated within The University of Texas at Arlington and the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC), the state Manufacturing Extension Partner of the US Department of Commerce. Building on TMAC’s premier history of process re-engineering excellence, the Consilium provides additional management-level resources and comprehensive integrated services to help accelerate the profitable growth of Texas businesses, foster job creation and contribute to community prosperity.

The Consilium helps manufacturing companies of all sizes achieve their business potential through productivity and profitability improvements, while navigating competitive and market challenges. Consilium members are expert at identifying the issues affecting businesses, and finding the best opportunities for the greatest positive impact on your business, and we operate strategically as a cross-disciplinary team to bring a holistic view of planning, operations, finance, production and sales to your organization’s needs, applying street-smart best practices to help you function optimally.

As a non-profit, the Texas Consilium measures success in terms of the positive impact it creates, whether it is cost savings, profit improvement, top line revenue growth or other key performance indicators. The Texas Consilium is your pathway to profitable growth. Contact us today at 800 892-2466 x7001 to learn more.



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