The formula to winning is simple: Perform better than your competitors.

The way you produce higher returns is to invest in differentiators for competitive advantage.  Skilled project managers, who can drive strategic initiatives to successful completion, are a differentiator your thriving business will be glad it has in a market as uncertain as today’s.

Almost every business activity involves projects.  Whatever is not a routine process, for better or worse, is likely a project.  Customer and client services, as well as internal growth, expansion, improvement, innovation, and virtually all activities involving creativity follow the path of a project, whether you and your team recognize it as a project or not. Big or small, projects are critical to your business.

Principles of Project Management – 2-Day Program

It is often reported that 70% of new projects fail to meet expectations.  The better an organization can manage projects, the more successful it will be.

Why Now?  Times are uncertain and that means doing more with less.  Skilled people give you that.  Help your team become their best with training from The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Consilium — right here in your backyard of Dallas.

2-day courses in Austin cost $2,950 plus travel and hotel.  Through Texas Consilium, you can enroll in our Dallas program for only $2,595, saving you hundreds of dollars and a day of travel time.

BONUS:  Enroll one team member and bring a company colleague free!  Two for the price of one, and if you would like you can bring a real company project to work on in class.


This course is limited to 30 participants.  Don’t miss out.  Register today – registration ends Friday, September 9, 2022.  



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