Leadership under crisis, live lessons from the Ukraine battlefield. 

Crises come in all forms, and wars here or elsewhere are one of many increasing concerns for business leaders everywhere.  Hear the moving stories and lessons learned from our Texas Consilium breakfast on Zoom Tuesday, August 23, 2022 with special guests Sergiy Nozdrachov on the ground in Kyiv, Ukraine and Nick Latushkin, from Ukraine and now Romania, with the discussion moderated by our own Texan Shari Krueger.

Conflict, Democracy & Leadership 

Anyone can captain a ship in smooth waters.  It’s when storms arise that leadership is tested.  The war in Ukraine has brought world focus to leadership models with lessons that could be learned and applied by all current and aspiring leaders.

Many expected Russia to achieve a quick victory, but President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people have proved them wrong.  Leadership has been a key factor, but it extends far beyond Zelensky.

Any one person can make a difference. Ordinary people have stepped into leadership roles and have inspired their communities. What has driven this success under adversity in Ukraine, while others fail?  How deep does leadership extend in your own organization?  How powerful could it be?

Our special Ukrainian guests Sergiy and Nick both have a long history as CEO, business advisor, leadership coach and much more within their deep-rooted experience in the Ukrainian world of business and life.  Their participation with us is being coordinated by Shari Krueger, one of our DFW-area business advisors whose “power is people.”  

Leadership lessons.  Listen, learn and ask your questions.
It’s part of our mission to help Texas companies and their entire teams achieve their true potential!

Want to Help? 

Consider a donation to Help Ukrainians find safety and support from the war.
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