What does The Pursuit of Excellence in Texas look like?  Explore Leadership Training for All Levels.

Top leaders envision the future, and communicate the organization’s mission, values, and strategy to employees, partners, suppliers and customers. Leaders throughout the organization then translate that vision into actionable goals and objectives to be accomplished by every member of the team.

Any breakdown in leadership skills or communication jeopardizes the mission and impairs the organization’s performance.  To help Texas companies and their entire teams achieve their true potential, Texas Consilium is collaborating with The University of Texas at Austin to provide training for Texas leaders and companies who want to pursue excellence, conveniently brought to you in your own community or online.

In this breakfast program, join two of our special guest instructors from The University of Texas at Austin, Rich Handley and David Berlad, as they provide insights into their subject specialties with a preview of what’s to come:

  • Leadership X-Factor. Emotional Intelligence as measured by one’s emotional quotient (EQ), can be several times more powerful in predicting leadership performance than IQ (intelligence quotient) because it reflects the ability to apply what you know to the real-world situations you face.
  • Principles of Project Management (and everything is a project!).  Here you will discover the five process groups of project management, explore key areas of expertise, and learn how project stakeholders and organizational structures affect outcomes.

Consistent with our 360 Pursuit of Excellence peer group program, most courses will be open to leaders of multiple Texas businesses, providing great networking opportunities to meet and develop relationships with your Texas leadership peers.

Your input into the courses that would be most helpful for you or your organization will be highly welcomed!  Training programs can be customized to meet the needs of individual Texas companies. Qualified leadership trainers are also invited to participate as we expand to meet Texas needs. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

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