Explore the Power of Employees through Alignment, Motivation and Ownership.  

Over the next five to seven years, it is estimated that over 206,000 Texas businesses will be sold or closed as a result of the retirement of their baby boomer business owners which affects over 2.8 million employees and $556 billion in revenue. 

Join our discussion with Jennifer Krieger, CVA, Co-Chair of TXCEO, the Texas Center for Employee Ownership.  Jennifer shares and discusses various ways a transfer of ownership to the employees can be accomplished and how it can help align and motivate employees, retain jobs and sustain and invigorate local economies.

As part of our Texas Consilium Pursuit of Excellence in Texas, we are working with Jennifer as well as Steve Storkan, Executive Director of the Employee Ownership Expansion Network to establish a robust Texas Center for Employee Ownership (txceo.org).  The Texas Center for Employee Ownership will serve as the central hub for information and resources around employee ownership in Texas.  

When it comes to exit planning, most business owners have not considered all the options.  There are thousands of successful, thriving, employee-owned businesses across the US. In Texas alone, there are approximately 324 such companies. Most are more successful than they were when they were privately-owned.

Let’s explore the possibilities together as we continue to work together to create a Texas business experience like no other. The Pursuit of Excellence in action!


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