Explore Our Upcoming Awards Event, Continuous Improvement Programs and more for 2022…  

We have fifty Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award nominee companies from both our 2020-21 and 2022 groups that will be recognized and honored at our May 9, 2022 event.  We also have great speakers and programs lined up for our full-day Executive Summit that starts the next morning, designed for the top leaders of our award nominees and other Texas businesses that wish to pursue excellence and achieve their true potential.

At our January 25, 2022 breakfast event we had Texas business leaders, advisors, partners and supporters joining us as Calvin Williams, CEO & Founder of Impruver, presented his strategy execution & improvement software as we continue to evaluate powerful tools to support Texas businesses pursuing excellence.

Impruver gets everyone in your company “pulling the chain” in the same direction. Drive a culture of targeted execution and improvement with this innovative and intuitive software as a tool to help drive daily improvement throughout the organization. Impruver puts a powerful spin on the way people and companies of all sizes practice Continuous Improvement.

Your questions, experience, ideas and other input into this discussion will be most helpful as we explore this additional path to helping Texas businesses achieve their true potential.  Let’s explore the possibilities together.  Please review the video of Calvin’s presentation of Impruver and feel free to share your thoughts.

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