What does The Pursuit of Excellence in Texas look like? Meet Kent Billingsley, Revenue Growth Architect, as we expand our 360 Pursuit of Excellence peer groups.

Join our special guest, Kent Billingsley, author of Entrepreneur to Millionaire. Perhaps Mark Cuban sums it up best in his forward with “Over all those [40] years, I have come to know Kent and have admired his business skills and his ability to find profitable solutions to problems” and “It’s a must read book!”

But that’s only the beginning….

Join Kent each month with Texas Consilium’s 360!
Texas Consilium launched our 360 Pursuit of Excellence peer group program in May 2021 with initial members from our prestigious Business Excellence Award finalists. While our initial 360 group began small, it is destined to soon become known as the most elite peer group program in Texas.

We are expanding our 360 program and opening it to other qualified Texas businesses. Our expansion includes forming a new group that will focus on profitable revenue growth, led by Kent. Join Kent as he leads each group member through his roadmap to success helping CEOs and business leaders “create business wealth.” Participants will learn the key principles of business optimization, get guidance to implement them, and reflect on their success as we track the positive impact in their business.


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