By Bob Pene, Resurrect Your Business

FACT: The majority of all Websites are not very effective! 

They strictly say, “look at me” and do not identify anything important to the reader.

People who venture onto your site on the web are looking for something you have.  It is your job to provide a “compelling reason” why your product or service is the best solution.

Some important facts.  You have 3 seconds or less to entice your customer to look at your offering.  And, only a small percentage of prospects are “now“ buyers; the remainder simply are looking for information and options upon which to make a future purchase.

To evaluate of your current website, answer these questions using a 1-5 scale (1 being inadequate).

Does your website interrupt the prospect; i.e., do you identify an issue they have in a forceful way?

Do you engage them?  Do you offer a solution to their issue? 

Do you educate the prospect?  Do you demonstrate how you are unique and different in a compelling way that is meaningful to your prospect?

Do you propose a no-risk offer so they can easily contact you to find out more?

Are you powerful, passionate, precise and elegant?

If you don’t have an average score above 3 on all these questions, you probably have a poor, or underperforming website!

I recommend a squeeze page.  That is, a one-page design which features a) the issue your ideal customer has, b) the result they want but don’t have, c) Permission to believe, which shows how you are unique and different, and d) your offer.  Give them an easy way to give you their name, phone, and/or e-mail address, so you can continue to communicate with them.

Market research confirms that it takes 5-12 touch points to get people ready to buy.  Improving the effectiveness of your web site, coupled with a long-term “drip communication campaign,” is a marketing strategy you can use to help accelerate your business results.

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