Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award

The Most Prestigious Award for Business Excellence in Texas

Our Texas Consilium tagline is simple – Improve Your Business.  The complexity comes in its application — for improvement is not a destination and it is never finished. Improvement is a continuous journey — a journey in the pursuit of excellence.

Overcoming “Normal” – The biggest obstacle we often encounter when we begin working with a company is the concept of “normal.” To the workers within the business, including many leaders, everything in their business appears “normal.” Their objective is to accomplish today much the same as they did yesterday, and plan to come back tomorrow and do it again. Routines are established. Routines make it easy, and change creates conflict. It’s human nature, therefore, that change and even the thought of change is avoided by many. But there can be no improvement without change.

Dreams & Vision – One of the first steps in any improvement program is to create a vision of the possibilities. Where could we be? What could we accomplish together? What are our dreams and passions? Where do we want to be?  A compelling vision will be exciting to some, and effective leaders will become cheerleaders for the rest of the team.  Everything in life is created twice — first through envisioning it, and then by its physical creation.

Inspiration for the Possible – The Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award was established to help Texans expand their vision of what is possible. Best practices often come from other businesses, in other industries, as a result of different perspectives. As we identify Texas businesses and leaders who are on a continuous improvement journey, we want to recognize their efforts — not only as an award for what they have accomplished, but to establish role models for lessons learned.  The pursuit of excellence begins with understanding both the art and science of the possible.


Mark your calendar for May of each year in Frisco, TX. We will begin by building upon our inaugural Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award to Jerry Jones for his Lifetime Achievement, presented in 2019 with the assistance of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Brint Ryan, CEO of Ryan.

Our event will be anchored by top leaders selected from our list of nominees from the current year. These companies will have been identified as candidates for the Business Excellence Award based on their culture of excellence and continuous improvement. At our 2022 event and beyond we’ll be focused not just on the individual entrepreneur, but on the Texas companies as a whole and their pursuit of excellence throughout their teams. We are searching the State of Texas to find the nominees who best exemplify excellence.

The evening will include VIP & General Receptions, Welcomes from selected VIPs, Stories of Excellence from our Nominees from around the State of Texas, Presentation of Awards, and Networking with Nominees and those who support them.

You are invited to participate at one of our many different levels from potential nominee of your own business or one you know, to community or corporate partner, volunteer or attendee. All roles are important. See the sections below to find your calling.


Nominations for 2023 are open. Nominating a Texas business you know is a great opportunity to honor them, while possibly showcasing your own case study that helped them become more successful. Whether your organization provides financing, accounting, consulting, legal, human resources, marketing, technology, software, manufacturing, logistics or other services or products to Texas businesses, you likely have a customer, client or supplier that really stands out. Texas companies who believe they exemplify excellence are also welcome to self-nominate.

See our current gallery of 2020-21 Award nominees HERE and our 2022 Award nominees HERE.

To learn more about the Nomination Process, the Criteria, and to Submit Your Nomination for 2023, click HERE.

Improvement is a continuous journey, just like the leadership required to achieve it.  Both leadership and improvement involve journeys in the pursuit of excellence. Your journeys!

Build on your opening steps and relationships started at our Awards Dinner by joining us for our in-depth and hands-on Executive Summit.  We are confident you will experience ideas, information, insights, inspiration and introductions you can take with you to apply immediately in your business. Accelerate your leadership and improvement journeys — for the benefit of you, your Texas business and all whom you lead. Meet and connect with some of your Texas business leadership peers as we introduce you to our exciting new “360 Pursuit of ExcellenceTM” peer group program, along with thought-provoking workshops, inspiring speakers, connection to valuable Texas resources and a chance to network with some of the best business leaders and their supporters in Texas.

To learn more about the Executive Summit, click HERE.

Businesses that are growing and pursuing excellence represent one of the greatest opportunities for those connected to them. Texas Consilium, together with our extensive network of community partners and other stakeholders, are searching the state for those businesses and their leaders who exemplify excellence. Our messaging into the market, combined with the recognition of those who will be featured at our Awards Dinner, will be the perfect way to connect with the top leaders of these outstanding Texas businesses and others in our community who support them.

At the Texas Consilium Business Excellence Awards Dinner and through various Pre and Post-Event Opportunities, you will also have a chance to work with non-competing Partners and other Texas Consilium stakeholders who can become referral partners, enhance your efforts, expand your network, and promote your success, particularly throughout your Texas markets. It’s not just about the event — it’s about the relationships we build together.

To learn more about your Partner Options and all of your potential Benefits, click HERE.

Texas Consilium is a nonprofit economic development organization for the State of Texas.  We have learned that events such as the Business Excellence Awards Dinner are a great opportunity for like-minded organizations and individuals to come together and get to know each other, connect with some great Texas business leaders, and make a difference beyond what any of us could do alone.

We have launched a variety of project teams to focus on refining and executing specific actions necessary to assure success.  Stakeholder Teams include working with Corporate and Community Partners, Texas CEOs & Business Leaders, and Business Advocates & AdvisorsActivity Teams include Nominee Search, Nominee Evaluation, Event Planning, Marketing, Promotion & Media, Registration and more. Advocacy in the Texas Consilium is open to any individual who supports our mission to help Texas businesses and their employees achieve their true potential and grow Texas.

To learn more about becoming a Texas Advocate, click HERE.

Every Partner will have at least one table for guests along with other great benefits.  If you or your organization can arrange to fill a table, then we recommend registering as a Partner.  You’ll have a great time together, and if you aren’t concerned about expanding your Partner benefits then the Silver Partnership can be an economical alternative to individual registrations.  Both Partners & individual registrations are now open.

To learn more about Registrations or to Register Online, click HERE.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions HEREYou will find a section specifically dedicated to answering questions about the Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award and all of the related activities.

Still have questions?  Please contact Jim Ratchford, Executive Director, by Email or Phone at 800-892-2466 x7001.


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