2020 Executive Summit


Leadership and Improvement are Journeys.

Our Texas Consilium tagline is simple – Improve Your Business.  The complexity comes in its application — for improvement is not a destination and it is never finished. Improvement is a continuous journey, just like the leadership required to achieve it.  Both leadership and improvement involve journeys in the pursuit of excellence.  Your journeys!

Join us at our Executive Summit on October 26 

Invest one full day with us on October 26, 2020 and we are confident you will experience ideas, information, insights, inspiration and introductions that you can take with you to apply immediately in your business.  Accelerate your leadership and improvement journeys — for the benefit of you, your Texas business and all whom you lead.

Who Should Attend?  CEOs, Presidents, Owners and other top C-level leaders of Texas businesses of all sizes and industries who have a desire to improve, grow and prosper should attend, as well as those who support them.

What Happens?  Meet and connect with some of your Texas business leadership peers as we introduce you to our exciting new “360 Pursuit of ExcellenceTM” peer group program, along with thought-provoking workshops, inspiring speakers, connection to valuable Texas resources and a chance to network with some of the best business leaders and their supporters in Texas.

Stay for Dinner & Awards – Extend your experience by joining us for our evening reception and Texas Consilium Business Excellence Awards Dinner where you can join with fellow business leaders from throughout Texas and be further inspired by their stories and lessons learned through leading some of the most excellent businesses in Texas.  Engage with nominees and recipients of The Most Prestigious Award for Business Excellence in Texas!

When & Where?  Monday, October 26, 2020 at the beautiful Frisco Conference Center in Frisco, TX.  Check-in begins at 9 am.


Proudly sponsored by Ryan and other strong supporters of Texas businesses. If you would like to show your leadership and support for business excellence and economic growth in Texas, we invite you to explore joining us by clicking HERE