Name One Excellent Texas Business!

Our Texas Consilium tagline is simple – Improve Your Business™.  The complexity comes in its application – for improvement is not a destination and it is never finished. Improvement is a continuous journey — a journey in the pursuit of excellence.

The Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award has been established to help Texans expand their vision of what is possible. Best practices often come from other businesses, in other industries, as a result of different perspectives. As we identify Texas businesses and leaders who are on a continuous improvement journey, we want to recognize their efforts – not only as an award for what they have accomplished, but to establish role models for lessons learned and to inspire others to improve and pursue their own journey of excellence.

The Most Prestigious Award for Business Excellence in Texas

Our award was inaugurated in 2019 when the Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award for Lifetime Achievement was presented with the assistance of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Brint Ryan to Jerry Jones, best known as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.  What a fascinating entrepreneurial journey from humble beginnings in Arkansas!

Our 2020 and beyond awards will focus on the excellence of Texas business organizations more than the individual entrepreneurs.  Winning this award will be a great opportunity to expand the recognition of Texas companies that exemplify excellence, their leaders and their entire teams who make it happen.

The Criteria

The Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award is based on seven criteria: Leadership, Corporate Stewardship, Customer Satisfaction, Operational Excellence, Employee Satisfaction, Strategic Planning and Business Results.  Minimum annual revenues are $10 million, and evaluations will be stratified by company size up to the no-limit $1 Billion + level.  There are no industry restrictions.  Texas-based businesses are preferred, although consideration will be given to businesses with a significant Texas presence which includes key Texas leadership.  See more about the criteria here: TXC Business Excellence Award Criteria.

Submit your Nominee

Nominating a Texas business you know would be a great opportunity to honor them, while possibly showcasing your own case study that helped them become more successful. Whether your organization provides financing, accounting, consulting, legal, human resources, marketing, technology, software, manufacturing, logistics or other services or products to Texas businesses, you likely have a customer, client or supplier that really stands out. Texas companies who believe they exemplify excellence are also welcome to self-nominate. Most nominations can be done online in about 20 minutes.

Before you begin your submission, note that a key question is “How does your Nominee exemplify excellence?”  Tell us from your perspective how your Nominee company exemplifies excellence for any or all of the criteria. During our evaluation process, we will further explore each of these areas with the Nominee, so we don’t need all of the details from you now — but your observations will become the anchors for our inquiry and developing the story line for your Nominee. We recommend writing this to be compelling and inspiring, but above all else, be honest and truthful! You may write up to 1,000 characters.

You may download a PDF preview of the nomination questions at Texas Consilium Award Nomination Form for PREVIEW ONLY.  Nominations are made online using the link below.

Nominations for 2022 are now closed.  We are accepting nominations for 2023.

Submit your Texas company Nominee for 2023 HERE.

There is no cost to nominate.  Nominated companies will be initially screened for suitability.  Those companies passing this initial screening will be invited to participate further in the evaluation and promotional process.

The Evaluation & Promotion Process

If your nominee is selected for further evaluation, here are the highlights of the process to follow:

  • Nomination & Initial Screening – Each Nominee submitted will go through an initial screening.  Those who clear this review will be connected with a Partner who agrees to support the Nominee’s success throughout this process. As the Nominator you may also be your Nominee’s Partner, but you will have no obligation to do so. Texas Consilium will seek Partners to support each Nominee as needed.
  • Further Information & Evaluation – As the evaluation progresses, Nominees may be asked for further information to assist in the evaluation process.
  • Video Interview – An in-studio or remote video interview will be scheduled with the CEO or other top leader of the Nominee company, providing an opportunity to tell their story of excellence through a dialog process.  This is the Nominee’s opportunity to share what they do and what makes their business different, tell their story of success, and discuss their pursuit of excellence.  We are looking for compelling stories that may inform and inspire other Texas business leaders to embark on their own leadership and business improvement journey.
  • Posting & Promotion of Nominee – The Nominee video and brief text story may be posted to Texas Consilium’s website and shared through social media and other electronic means to promote the Nominee and their selection as part of the Texas Consilium Business Excellence Awards program.  Copies of the video will be provided to the Nominee at no charge and may be used to promote their company’s story and the event.
  • Awards Event – All Nominees and Partners are encouraged to attend the Texas Consilium Business Excellence Awards event in May 2023 in Frisco, TX. Nominees must be present to receive their award.

Submit your Texas company Nominee for 2023 HERE.