Why we exist

Imagine a Texas business where sales and profitability are rising, the company is
becoming its best, the employees are empowered to achieve their true potential, and
team members are passionate about their work. Imagine a state filled with businesses
like these all achieving their true potential, where the knowledge and tools for
achieving operational excellence are simply part of our culture. Imagine a better
future. Welcome to the Texas Consilium!

Texas Consilium is a nonprofit economic development organization for the State of
Texas. Unlike most economic development organizations that focus on recruiting new
businesses to the community, Texas Consilium works primarily with existing businesses
to improve their productivity, profitability, growth, and prosperity — empowering Texas
businesses and their employees to achieve their true potential. Highly seasoned
business advisors have come together through the Texas Consilium to serve Texas
companies and our local economies by solving problems across functional boundaries.
By working together with more businesses to become their best, we will move the
economic development needle for the State of Texas.

In April 2017, House Resolution 922 from the House of Representatives, State Capitol in
Austin Texas, recognized that the Texas Consilium has played an instrumental role in
fostering a strong and competitive manufacturing industry in the Lone Star State. The
Texas Consilium has made significant contributions to the state’s economy, and the
Resolution extends “sincere best wishes for continued success.”

As a Partner, you can help us accelerate and expand that success to all industries, in
communities large and small, throughout the State of Texas.

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