Who we serve

We make a difference in Texas businesses by bringing together our whole community of Texas stakeholders. No other organization can offer such a broad range of resources and proven business expertise and invest them in Texas success. As a Texas-proud organization, we want to see all Texas businesses thrive. Texas business needs are our number-one priority. We know how to apply our expertise to help make business better. We are in the business of business improvement.

Our stakeholders include anyone with an interest in connecting business leaders with resources for business improvement, and promoting prosperity in Texas, including:

  • Texas businesses in all industries on a quest to achieve their potential
  • Texas CEOs, Presidents, Owners and other business leaders who desire to improve
  • Experienced advisors and subject matter experts who lead our efforts
  • CPA firms, law firms, and other service providers who support Texas businesses
  • Banks, private equity, insurance, technology, equipment and other resource providers for Texas businesses
  • Chambers of commerce, governments and agencies, and other economic development organizations for Texas
  • Citizens of Texas who serve as employees and supporters of Texas businesses, and whose lives can be enriched through empowerment and business improvement.

All of these stakeholders, including you, can benefit by coming together and taking an active role in supporting our movement we call the Texas Consilium.

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