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What is the TXC Organizational Structure?

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The organizational structure of Texas Consilium is well documented and consistent with our teachings.  First, as a Texas nonprofit corporation, Texas Consilium has no shareholders and is essentially “owned” by the citizens of Texas.  We are governed by a Board of Directors.

One of the basics of organizational structure is that every organization has certain functions that must be performed, and every function must have a leader.  All functions fall within the four areas we call MAPS – Money, Activities, People and Sales.  Each of those functions has a component that looks toward the “future” of strategic issues often referred to as the Executive functions, and each has a component focused on the “now” of daily execution generally referred to as Operations.

Accordingly, our Texas Consilium functional organization chart has two sections — Executive and Operations.  Each “box” of functions has a leader assigned with the responsibility for executing those functions.  The leader does not have to do all of the functions personally and may delegate however appropriate, but as the leader he or she must assure that the functions are performed consistent with our pursuit of excellence as an organization.

To download a PDF version of the Texas Consilium Functional Organization Chart shown below, please click HERE.