360 for Texas Peer Groups

Supercharge your Texas CEO Peer Group experience with
Texas Consilium’s

360 Pursuit of Excellence

Are  you a member of a Texas CEO peer group?  You now have the opportunity to bring even greater excellence to your Texas business and your entire team.  There is power in numbers!

There’s a problem with every peer group in that members can only share what they know about their business — but it’s the unknown issues of a business that are the most critical to resolve.

Texas Consilium’s 360 program resolves this issue and many others.  Inspire your fellow group members to join you in 360 and your entire group can rise far above others, showcasing your pursuit of excellence and helping you and your group members all achieve your true potential.

Whether you participate with one of the large worldwide organizations or local to Texas, consider the benefits of adding Texas Consilium’s high-value 360 Pursuit of Excellence to your existing program:

For you and each participating 360 member in your group, you get:

Business Advocate – An experienced liaison for your group leader, your entire team, and our assistance resources

Diagnostic Dashboard – A confidential 360 Diagnostic and a business improvement dashboard to track your progress

Opportunities – Identified business issues and opportunities for improvement within your business

Improvement Plan – An objective and prioritized business improvement plan of action specific to your business

Impact Estimate – An Impact Estimate quantifying the potential impact for improvement

Value Builder – Whether you want to sell your business for a premium now, or simply know that you could, using Value Builder as a guide will help you dramatically increase the value of your company.  See more about this benefit HERE.

Resources – Access to a wide range of Texas business resources to promote your business growth & prosperity

Your entire CEO peer group and your peer group leader also get tools for:

Shared Issues – Focus your meetings on the most-shared issues and opportunities of you and your fellow group members as determined by the Diagnostics

360 Board Room – Our interactive live and virtual event series features top Texas leaders sharing information and insights that uniquely promote the pursuit of excellence in Texas, specifically for our 360 group members.  Learn more HERE.

Enhancement – Enhance each participating member’s performance

Magnify Your Group Leader – Leverage your group leader’s time and expertise for your most important issues

Growth – Grow and enhance your group’s membership

Group Scoreboard – Track your group’s overall improvement impact

Compete – Compare your group’s improvement progress with other participating groups

Champions – Bring recognition to your Texas group and your group leader

Your Likely Questions….

Support for Peer Groups – First, we want to make clear that Texas Consilium is highly supportive of the peer group model.  Executive round tables and CEO peer groups can be invaluable for the leadership journey of top business leaders like you. Leaders sharing their issues and lessons learned with peers and mentors can be enormously beneficial for the growth and insight of every leader.

What’s the Problem? – A shortcoming of every existing peer group is that leaders naturally share the business issues and concerns you know about – but you don’t share the issues you don’t know about because you can‘t share what you don’t know. It’s these unknown issues that are the most critical to resolve. 360 is designed to help identify these unknown issues and get them on the table.

How does Texas Consilium know this? – Some of Texas Consilium’s greatest improvement projects where we created the largest impact were with businesses whose leaders had been long-time peer group members.  Texas Consilium found previously unknown issues that were costing these companies millions of dollars each year through profit leaks ranging from waste and weaknesses to errors and fraud.

How does 360 work? – You will continue to meet with your group as you do now. Texas Consilium will assign a highly experienced Texas Consilium Business Advocate as an additional resource for you and your participating group members.  Your Business Advocate will serve as an added resource for your peer group leader, and will lead or coordinate your added benefits for success:

  • Diagnose Member Issues

Your Business Advocate will arrange a confidential deep-dive 360 Diagnostic into each participating member’s business, through which we will analyze your financial performance, survey your business issues, establish a baseline for tracking future improvement, and develop a preliminary action plan specific to your company.

  • Compile the Results

While each member’s diagnostic is confidential, we will compile your group members’ results into an anonymized composite profile which your group leader can use to bring valuable focus to your group activities.  Target those business issues most common within your group to bring even greater value to your regular meeting programs.

  • Team Mentoring & Coaching

Your experienced Texas Consilium Business Advocate can extend your peer group benefits through coaching and mentoring to your entire leadership team up to two hours per month at no additional charge.  Your Business Advocate can also coordinate any business improvement programs throughout your business, and connect you with the leadership and resources that may be needed.

  • Access to Resources

Texas Consilium can connect with Texas resources in a way that many others cannot. Texas Consilium’s Business Excellence Awards connect us with some of the top business and governmental leaders in the State of Texas. We invite 360 members and their group leaders to join us as special guests at our annual Executive Summit, Awards event, VIP reception, plant tours, special events, networking opportunities and other Texas Consilium activities that may help you expand your world.

  • Track Improvement Progress

We will provide a methodology for identifying, quantifying and reporting the impact that improvement actions have on member businesses.  We will process these actions, update your group’s improvement scoreboard, and report the combined impact at your meetings.

  • Compare Your Improvement Performance

Because we will be using a common methodology to track improvements made within each member’s business, Texas Consilium will be able to compare your group’s performance with that of other groups.  Those groups creating the greatest improvement for their members will be recognized as champions in the pursuit of excellence!

What does all of this cost? – Far less than the value that you and your group get!  First, there is no cost to your group or group leader as long as we have at least five members of your group participating in 360.  Your group leader gets access to all of the same events and resources as you and your fellow participating members.  See more about costs HERE.  Those who sign up prior to March 31, 2022 will have full access to our May 9-10, 2022 Executive Summit, VIP Reception and Business Excellence Awards Dinner — a $1,400 value all included as a 360 member.  And with five participating members, your group leader can join you as our complimentary guest.

Why should our group attend the Awards Dinner & Executive Summit on May 9-10, 2022? – First, we’ll be recognizing all of our participating peer groups as we introduce 360 to all attendees.  Your group will have a special round table to highlight your participation.  If you would like to expand your group, participating CEOs and other business leaders who are not currently in a peer group will be encouraged to explore joining you to learn whether they may be a fit.  Plus, you and all of our participating group members will be inspired and informed throughout the event by our speakers, workshops, awards program, networking opportunities and more.  Meet our top speakers, business and governmental leaders face-to-face at our exclusive VIP reception.   It will be a great event that you and your fellow members won’t want to miss!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions HEREYou will find a section specifically dedicated to answering questions about the Texas Consilium 360 Pursuit of Excellence program and all of the related activities.

Still have questions?  Please contact Jim Ratchford, Executive Director, by Email or Phone at 800-892-2466 x7001.