Instructions for Updating Your LinkedIn Page:

In order to ensure a unified brand and message, we are asking for Texas Advocates in good standing to update their Texas Consilium profile on LinkedIn to include the short narrative provided below.

Instructions for making this update in LinkedIn are as follow:

  • Log into your LinkedIn account and highlight “Profile” in the top menu and click “Edit Profile”
  • Scroll down to the Experience or Volunteer section where you have Texas Consilium listed and hover over the Description section.  It should turn blue and you can click on it or click the pencil icon to the right to edit it.
  • Copy the short narrative from below and paste it into the Description field and click Save.

If the Texas Consilium logo doesn’t show next to your position, then your position is not linked to Texas Consilium, Inc.’s company page.

To create the proper LinkedIn link:

  • Hover over the Company Name section.  It should turn blue and you can click on it or click the pencil icon to the right to edit it.
  • Then click to “Change Company”.
  • As you type the company name, it should show the company with the logo in a selection list.
  • Select it from the list so that you have the company page actually linked to your position and click Save.

Short Narrative:

Texas Consilium is a nonprofit economic development organization with a mission to improve the prosperity of Texas by improving the performance, growth and profitability of Texas businesses. Unlike most economic development organizations that focus on recruiting new businesses to the community, Texas Consilium complements those organizations by working primarily with existing businesses to improve their productivity, profitability, growth, and prosperity — empowering Texas businesses and their employees to achieve their true potential.

Recognized by the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Governor for our unique role in economic development for the State of Texas, the Texas Consilium brings together highly-experienced, seasoned executives and professionals who can address virtually any business issue. Collectively we have worked in thousands of businesses where we have seen what works and what doesn’t. By working together with more businesses to become their best, Texas Consilium works to move the economic development needle and create measurable impact for the State of Texas and its various communities.

“Consilium” is Latin for “Council of wise advisors.” It is a powerful concept!