Process & Pricing

Where Do We Start?

It all begins with a meeting. One of our experienced Business Advocates will explore with you your goals and challenges to identify the opportunities that will have the greatest positive impact on your business.  To quantify the potential impact of cost savings, revenue growth and overall profit improvement over the next five years, and to create a shared vision for where we would be working to go with you, we will prepare an Impact Estimate for us to review together.

Our preferred next step with a new client, in most cases, is to prepare a comprehensive “Diagnostic Analysis & Action Plan” for your company. This four-week analysis sets the foundation for our holistic approach since all processes throughout the business are ultimately connected in a system. Much like an in-depth analysis by your personal physician, think of this Diagnostic Analysis as a complete health physical for your business — confirming what you know, identifying hidden issues, and providing a combined knowledge of where your business is today so we can accurately plan next actions to get you where you want to be.

If you have specific urgent issues that need to be addressed, our Business Advocate will develop a plan with you for resolving them, and identify our best subject matter experts to lead the resolution process.

As you choose to implement our recommendations, our Business Advisors will work under a Team Leader to implement a mutually agreed-upon plan to remove the impediments to profitability and growth.

Our Business Improvement Process

What Does It Cost?

Quite simply, the cost of our services for anything we do is far less than the value you get — or we’re not going to do it.

If your business qualifies, we will assign an experienced Business Advocate to your company at no cost to you. Your Business Advocate will gain an understanding of your company, listen, clarify opportunities for improvement, be a sounding board for you, and work with you to develop the improvement plan for your company. Whenever appropriate, your Business Advocate can arrange for a Diagnostic Analysis & Action Plan, or can arrange subject matter specific consulting to resolve virtually any business issues you may be facing.

Should your Business Advocate determine the Diagnostic Analysis & Action Plan as the first step, you can expect a four-week engagement led by your Business Advocate working with one of our Executive Analysts and various subject matter experts. Upon delivery of the Diagnostic Analysis, you will receive formal recommendations and the correlated level of impact you can expect from implementation. The professional time invested in the Diagnostic is valued at $30,000–$75,000 or more, but your cost (in most cases) will be a fraction of this. We offer a scaled pricing based on the number of employees with your company.

Number of Employees Base Cost
1-49 $7,500
50-249 $12,500
250-999 $25,000
1,000+ $50,000 and up.
Please request a quote.

Base cost may be adjusted for multiple locations, business divisions or other complexities. For locations outside of the DFW Metroplex, reasonable travel costs will be billed for reimbursement. Please discuss your specific situation with your Texas Consilium Business Advocate.

As a nonprofit, the Texas Consilium measures success in terms of the positive impact we create, as expressed in cost savings, profit improvement, top-line revenue growth and other key performance indicators. To evaluate this success, Independent Impact Surveys are conducted following completion of each engagement. When TMAC services are included as part of your solution, these independent surveys will be conducted by a third party on behalf of TMAC and NIST (U.S. Department of Commerce).

You can see the national MEP impact report at and TMAC’s Texas impact at

No Long-term Contracts

Your satisfaction is the engine that drives everything we do for you. During our collaboration process, we rely on regular touch-points to ensure you understand the benefits and see the value of our actions. If this is not the case, you are free to discontinue our services at any time.

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