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Will travel be required?

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Texas Consilium has a mission to improve Texas businesses, so if you live in Texas you may never need to leave the state to serve your clients.  In most cases, your assignments will be with Texas Consilium clients in your same general area and will not require air travel or overnight stays. We believe that working with clients geographically near you works better for you, your family, and clients in most cases.

If you are open to traveling, there will likely be opportunities to do so. In most cases, travel will be within Texas — although some Texas companies have locations throughout the U.S. and around the world which might benefit from your assistance.  We do not limit our assistance of Texas businesses to only their Texas locations.

When travel is necessary to assist our Texas Consilium clients, all travel costs including per diem will be paid or reimbursed. Acceptance of assignments is always at your discretion.