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Who does Texas Consilium serve?

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As an economic development organization for the State of Texas, our mission is to improve the prosperity of Texas by improving the performance, growth and profitability of Texas businesses. We are often asked about the profile of those businesses that Texas Consilium can serve.  When accepting a client for assistance, here are the key criteria we consider:

Those with a Desire to Improve, Grow and Prosper
Is the leadership of this business committed to improvement?  Improvement requires change, and change takes people out of their comfort zones.  As many people seek to get back into their comfort zones they need support and encouragement from the cheerleaders of the organization, without which the great potential of the future can never be realized.  Top leaders of the business must be dedicated advocates for the future vision.

Those with a Texas Connection
We prefer to work with businesses that are Texas-based and Texan-owned, because it provides the greatest opportunity for the wealth that we help create to remain in Texas.  However, any business with a Texas connection can qualify.  We have assisted Texas divisions of large multi-national companies.  We can also assist companies considering a move to Texas.  We should note that once a company qualifies with a Texas connection, our work is not limited to their Texas operations — we can travel the world to assist them.

Potential Impact Matters More than Current Size
We measure our success based on the Impact we help create — as measured primarily by the improvement in cost savings, revenue growth and overall profit improvement.  See more about our Impact Estimate HERE.  As you might expect, larger businesses often have the greatest opportunity for improvement since even small % improvements can create large impact measured in dollars.  But smaller businesses often have the greatest opportunities for growth and improvement, and there are many more small and mid-sized businesses who could benefit from our assistance.

We generally don’t work with startups because there are some great Texas incubator and accelerator programs who already provide effective early-stage services.  We are strongest working with companies with existing operations who are trying to get to the next level, enhance their culture of improvement or resolve specific issues.  Our size criteria is much less about the current size of the business and much more about their true potential.

Industry Agnostic
While Texas Consilium originated within the federal Manufacturing Extension Partnership program, our expansion out of that program in 2015 has allowed Texas Consilium to broaden our industry focus to assisting Texas businesses within virtually every industry.  We will coordinate our activities with specific industry and technical experts as needed while we focus on the business issues of the business — which tend to be universal regardless of industry.  Our experience working in all industries has taught us that best practices often come from other industries, and our work across all industries is one of our greatest strengths.

The only industry exclusions will tend to be franchisees, since good franchisers such as McDonald’s have already performed our role of engineering the success of the business.  We may also exclude certain highly-regulated businesses where the opportunity for meaningful improvement is restricted by law.  But in general, there are very few restrictions on the nature of the businesses we can assist.