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What’s the story of the 360 logo?

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At the heart of the Texas Consilium 360 logo are:

The State of Texas – Improving the prosperity of Texas through improving the prosperity of Texas businesses is the mission of the Texas Consilium as a unique economic development organization for the State of Texas.

Rising Bar Chart – The Texas image includes the rising bar chart signifying the increasing growth and prosperity that Texas Consilium represents.

Roads to Success – Supporting the rising bar charts of increasing prosperity are the sweeping gold bands representing the action and curving roads to achieve success for our Texas clients.

MAPS – Surrounding the Texas Consilium logo in the center is the circle of four arrows, representing the four functional areas of business that are all connected through MAPS – Money, Activities, People and Sales.  Under Texas Consilium’s methodology, all business issues fall within these four functional areas.  These functional areas are inseparably linked to create a cohesive system.

Continuous Improvement – The circular arrows also indicate that improvement is a continual process, with no beginning and no end.  Improvement should NOT be an event, but a culture within every organization.

Round Table of Leadership – The round circle also represents the round table, around which our business leaders sit to share, teach and learn in conference with each other.

Holistic 360 Journey – The complete circle encompassing everything within it is known as 360 degrees, or simply 360 for short – a most appropriate name for our exclusive 360 Pursuit of ExcellenceTM