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What software and equipment is required?

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The most important resources that each of our team members brings to Texas Consilium and our clients are your knowledge, experience, leadership, and problem-solving talents, along with your ability to communicate with and motivate others.

To effectively apply those resources in the field with clients, you will need a car, cell phone and a laptop computer with any browser and standard Microsoft Office package of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Other tools may be appropriate depending on your subject matter expertise.  As an example, some of our accounting and management information system advisors maintain up to date copies of QuickBooks, Epicor or other software to allow them to quickly access and analyze client data.  The more tools you have, the more valuable you may be to Texas Consilium and our clients.

As a Texas Consilium team member, you are expected to use your professional expertise to prepare yourself to create the greatest impact possible for our clients.