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What is the Diagnostic Analysis & Action Plan?

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In many cases, one of our early steps with a new client is to prepare a comprehensive “Diagnostic Analysis & Action Plan” for your company. This four-week analysis to identify and understand the business issues that exist throughout your business sets the foundation for our holistic approach.  All processes throughout your business are ultimately connected in a system, and the more we all understand your unique situation the better we can plan and communicate throughout our business improvement journey together.

Think of the Diagnostic Analysis as a complete health physical, similar to what you might undergo personally with your doctor.  The specific diagnostic and analytical processes to be applied by Texas Consilium will be determined based on your specific situation, but will generally include:

  • Interviews with owners and key leadership;
  • Business issue self-assessments by the leadership team;
  • Observation of Company operations;
  • Surveys of key employees and analysis of results;
  • Analysis of Company’s accounting and information systems, structures and controls;
  • In-depth financial analysis and business analytics of key areas;
  • Development of a break-even analysis with line-item impacts;
  • Development of a dynamic forecaster & control tool for strategic planning;
  • Other diagnostic actions as considered necessary to identify existing business issues, prioritize opportunities for improvement, and develop an action plan for your Company.

See a 14-minute video describing the Diagnostic Analysis & Action Plan in more detail here.