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What is the 360 Diagnostic?

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Your group’s Texas Consilium Business Advocate will arrange a confidential deep-dive 360 Diagnostic into each participating member’s business, through which we will analyze the financial performance, survey the business issues, establish a baseline for tracking future improvement, and develop a preliminary action plan for the participating member’s business.  This 360 Diagnostic will include:

  • Interviews with owners and key leadership;
  • Business issue self-assessments by the leadership team;
  • Observation of Company operations;
  • In-depth financial analysis and business analytics of key areas;
  • Development of a break-even analysis with line-item impacts;
  • Development of a dynamic forecaster & control tool for strategic planning; and
  • Develop a 5-Year Impact Estimate of improvement potential.

Our 360 Diagnostic focuses on those procedures necessary to develop the initial financial baseline and the common business issues necessary for identifying the most important business issues common to group members and tracking individual and group performance.

Those wishing for us to conduct more in-depth employee surveys, document reviews, internal control analyses, market studies and more may request these services separately through your Texas Consilium Business Advocate.  Additional charges may apply.  To view a video overview of  our complete Diagnostic Analysis & Action Plan, please click HERE.