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What is our group’s scoreboard?

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While each member’s 360 Diagnostic report is confidential, we will compile your group members’ results into an anonymized composite profile which you can use to bring valuable focus to your group activities.  It’s similar to the US Census Bureau that collects individual information but only releases it by Zip code or other groupings that maintain anonymity of the details for each individual.  This compilation will allow your group leader to target those business issues most common within your group to bring even greater value to your regular meeting programs.

Then, we will also track the improvement progress of each participating member.  We will provide a methodology for identifying, quantifying and reporting the impact that improvement actions have on member businesses.  We will process these actions, update your group’s improvement scoreboard, and report the combined impact at your meetings — tracking them over time.

While you and each individual member are welcome to share as much as you would like about your own 360 Diagnostic or your improvement actions, such sharing with your group or others will be at your discretion.