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What is MAPS?

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MAPS = Money • Activities • People • Sales

Under Texas Consilium’s methodology, all business issues fall into any of the four areas of business:  Money, Activities, People or Sales, further defined as follows:

  • Money – The numbers of your business. Your business is a complex of numbers – revenues, costs, expenses, profitability, cash flow, finances, estimates, bids, budgets, margins, labor hours, pay rates, variances, performance metrics, efficiency, analytics, breakeven, capacity, utilization and much more.  Your data is powerful, but only when it is accurate, trusted, and understood by every member of your organization who can use it to improve your team’s performance.  Control and understand your numbers to drive excellence throughout your business.
  • Activities – The processes from inputs to outputs of your operations. Waste, inefficiencies, friction, conflicts and other profit leaks occur throughout every organization.  Identifying and eliminating them not only improves your profitability, it improves team morale, competitive advantage, company resources and growth potential.  Shift your business culture to eliminate waste and promote continuous improvement and success.
  • People – Your employees and other team members. Your business has various functions that need to be performed for you to be successful.  As the top leader, you cannot do it all but you and your team can.  To be an effective team requires clear roles, objectives, structure, motivation, compensation and more, all aligned with a clear sense of purpose and effective leadership throughout your organization.  Only then can your team and each of your teammates achieve your true potential.  Organize and lead your passionate and winning team.
  • Sales – Your business mission is serving your customers. Growth is one of the three keys to business success.  Growth affirms that your company is providing value to the market, promotes increased profitability, generates economies of scale, reduces risks, and provides the opportunity for advancement and personal growth of your employees.  Consistent growth develops from having a clear vision, strategy, direction, understanding of your capabilities and your markets, and innovation – from which your sales processes can be engineered to then achieve your mission.  Develop your sales pipeline into a well-oiled machine of productivity.

Nothing exists in a silo, and all business processes are connected throughout your business system.  Root causes of any issue can exist in any area, and symptoms often appear far from the root cause.  Our experienced experts follow a defined process to implement MAPS improvement programs across all functional disciplines, in a way that ensures that all functional areas operate as a cohesive and integrated system.

MAPS is also a great acronym for what we do — getting you from where you are to where you want to be, by guiding you on a planned and logical route. Enjoy your journey with us!