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What is “Industry Exclusive within Package Level”?

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Among our many Partner Program benefits is a special benefit for our highest Pinnacle and Diamond level Partners — “Industry Exclusive within Package Level.”  This is a highly valuable branding opportunity for those who wish to clearly position themselves above their market competitors in supporting the pursuit of excellence in Texas.

What this means is that within the Pinnacle Partner level, there will only be one bank, one CPA firm, one law firm, and so on, protecting each Pinnacle Partner’s uniquely top position from direct competitors.  Likewise the Diamond Partner level is also limited to only one of each industry member.  Competitors may become Texas Consilium Partners but will be blocked from your chosen level of Pinnacle or Diamond.  Partner levels below Diamond do not have this industry exclusivity benefit.

While some industry definitions may be clear, others will require clarification at the time of your Partner subscription.  As an example, “Technology” is a broad industry term that will require further clarification by market segments.  Accounting Software, Cybersecurity, and Computer Hardware may all be considered within the Technology industry, but they are generally not direct competitors.  Companies in each of these market segments could become Pinnacle or Diamond Partners.  Partners subscribing at the Pinnacle and Diamond levels will be asked to identify those companies they would view as direct competitors, and if accepted by Texas Consilium will become part of the terms of Partnership as their Industry Exclusive benefit.

Exclusivity is established by date of first Partnership accepted by Texas Consilium for each industry.  Partners earning this valuable exclusivity right will also have a right of first refusal for the same level next year based on that year’s established terms.  Partners will have thirty days from the date of opening future Partner Programs to exercise their right.

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