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What is Annual Sponsorship?

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Prior to 2019, Texas Consilium began offering annual sponsorship opportunities to organizations that support our mission and would like to connect with Texas business leaders and those who support them.  We developed a very generous collection of benefits that still exists today.

Here’s the great news!  When we began our Business Excellence Awards event in 2019, and expanded it to also include our Executive Summit in 2020-21, we developed an expanded set of sponsorship benefits specifically to take advantage of the tremendous market reach of the event.  We also re-envisioned and renamed your role from sponsor to Partner  to better reflect our ongoing strategic and working relationship with you.  And we have included our previous annual sponsorship benefits within our Partner Program packages at no additional cost.  

You can explore our current Partner Program opportunities HERE.  You will see that the last line of most Partner Program options include a full year of Partner benefits.

As we often say, Partnering is not just about the event — it’s about the relationships we build that matter.  By combining our Partner Programs with our annual sponsorship benefits, we get the chance to work together with our Partners to promote our mutual interests for an entire year.