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What does “Consilium” mean?

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Consilium is Latin for ‘council of wise advisors.’  The founders of the Texas Consilium chose a Latin term in tribute to the Roman Empire. While not without its well-documented challenges, the Roman Empire was among the most powerful economic and organizational forces in the world for nearly 1,500 years.

The Roman Empire was one of the largest in history, building a great society and controlling much of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East — and they did it without modern machines, electricity, radios, or even the printing press.  The Roman Empire provides great lessons in leadership, applying knowledge, improving society, building  powerful organizations and sustaining a culture.

We believe that being a “wise advisor” is not about applying the latest fad, book or buzz word. It’s about understanding and applying the timeless principles of leadership, knowledge and innovation.  It is a powerful concept!