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What does 360 cost?

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Our pricing model depends on whether you are already in an existing peer group with which you are happy.  If so, you can continue within your existing peer group and we will operate 360 for your respective companies as an add-on.  Since you are already paying your peer group dues and have existing group leadership, adding 360 to your current experience can be a cost-effective option.

If you are not currently in a peer group, we will work with you to place you directly in a compatible 360 group.  Costs will depend on the group that you join.  We will gladly discuss the various options to help find the best fit for you and your company.

Regardless of your pathway to 360, we are certain that you will get far more benefit than your investment — which we believe is what you will experience for years.

If you are not currently a peer group member, we will be glad to share with you our participating groups and their leaders to help you find the peer group home most appropriate for you.