The Power of Strategic Communication

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The Power of Strategic Communication


Strategic communications help organizations and their key audiences communicate across the right channels and with the right effect. To succeed, communications professionals need to think creatively about what will resonate with their audiences and use the right tools and media to reach them and have an impact.

The Power of Strategic Communications will help you to build comprehensive, integrated communications strategies that will drive your brand or organization and achieve results. You will learn how leading organizations use the spectrum of communications to tell their stories and use the voice of the customer and constituent to create next-level programs. Instructors will focus on the art of engagement and persuasion to help you achieve broader organizational goals.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • How communications can achieve broader goals
  • How to make communications a center of excellence to drive your brand and organization
  • How to rethink the role of communications to get better results
  • How to incorporate the voice of the customer into next-level programs
  • How to use the entire spectrum of communications tools to engage audiences
  • How to harness the power of persuasion every day

Continuing Education Units: .65 CEUs


Chris Aarons is the founder and principal of Chris Aarons Strategy and Marketing, in addition to lecturing on communication, marketing and social media topics for the Center for Professional Education. Using a unique mix of communications, digital, sales and marketing strategies, he has delivered results far beyond the sum of their parts for brands such as Adobe, Amazon, AMD, Cisco, Dell, HP, LG, Microsoft and others. Aarons has also written two books on social media and digital marketing, with his second book, The Digital Helix, becoming a Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestseller.