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Shouldn’t I wait until I have more time/money?

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We hear it all the time: “This is our busy season and we don’t have the time” or “This is our slow season and we don’t have the money.” Undertaking a business improvement project can be a lot like having quadruple bypass heart surgery. There are hundreds of reasons to want to put it off — “I don’t have the time…I have things on my calendar…It will be expensive…It will be disruptive to my life…I’m scared…and so on and so on.” Is there ever a convenient time to have major surgery?

The realty is this: When something needs to be done, when is the best time to do it? Right now! Procrastination impairs more businesses than anything else. Every day that goes by with a problem unresolved is a day of progress toward a healthier business that you will never get back.