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How do you charge for your services?

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Before you ever incur a charge for our services, we will meet with you to discover the issues that exist and the objectives for your business that we might help you achieve.  We will then prepare an Impact Estimate to clarify with you the positive financial impact that our services could create through our work with you, based on top-line revenue growth, cost savings, and overall profitability improvement.  By looking at the potential of your business and projecting the results toward your future, it’s quite common to see improvement impacts worth millions of dollars.

If the Impact Estimate indicates that we can generate sufficient impact for your business, then we will prepare a proposal for services.  Like most professional firms such as attorneys, CPAs, architects and engineers, we charge professional rates for our work. Our fees are generally based on an hourly rate for each professional, plus expenses for travel, supplies and other out-of-pocket expenses. For our Diagnostic Analysis & Action Plans, and in some other cases, we may work on a fixed fee project basis. As we identify with you the scope of our services for your business, we will develop the fee basis that we believe will be most beneficial to you.

Quite simply, the cost of our services will be far less than the value you get — or we’re not going to do it.