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How do I vote for Award nominees?

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Help Select Our Award Winners

The Texas Consilium Business Excellence Award is based on an evaluation of seven categories of criteria: Leadership, Corporate Stewardship, Customer Satisfaction, Operational Excellence, Employee Satisfaction, Strategic Planning and Business Results. Each of these criteria is more fully defined on our website HERE.

We also incorporate the perspectives of our broad array of event stakeholders through the votes of our Partners, their guests, speakers, registered attendees and the nominees themselves. In a way, stakeholder voting is an eighth category of criteria, which represents the engagement and passion that a company is able to generate through their unique story and actions of excellence. We believe true “Excellence” includes the intangible emotions that may be even more important than the more measurable objective criteria of our other seven, and we appreciate the shared insights and participation of every stakeholder.

The Voting Process Basics – Two Phases

Voting for Award nominees will occur in two phases.  Phase 1 has slightly more weight in the overall outcome of the Award presentation, although Phase 2 can clearly tip the scales for the top finalists.  Here’s an overview of how voting works:

Phase 1 – Approximately thirty days prior to the event, online voting will open for all Partners and eligible event Registrants.  Each Partner and individual Registrant will receive an email notice and a link to select their preferred nominee, or spread their votes among up to 10 nominees, and register their votes.  Those who register after voting opens will receive an email with the voting link soon after registration.  Phase 1 voting will remain open until midnight the Friday before the Business Excellence Awards Dinner & Executive Summit.  Voting will be based on the investment by the Partner or Registrant at the rate of one vote per dollar of Partnership or Registration investment.  You can see the number of votes and other benefits for our Partners HERE and Registrations HERE.

Phase 2 – Prior to the day of the Business Excellence Awards Dinner, each registered attendee will be prompted to register through our App one final vote for their preferred Award nominee.  This Phase 2 is a simple one person, one vote regardless of the investment.

The results of Phase 1 and Phase 2 voting are separate components of our final scoring process.

Who Do You Choose?

Do you have favorites among our Award nominees?  The higher your Partner or Registration level for the event, and the more registered attendees you have in your support at the Business Excellence Awards Dinner, the more votes you control.  Make a difference, and let’s have fun together!

See the the field of candidates at our Award Nominees Gallery for 2020-21 HERE and for 2022 HERE.