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How do I know we will be satisfied?

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At Texas Consilium, our key measure of success is the positive impact that we are able to create for you and your business. Our success is built through satisfied clients and our resulting positive impact on the Texas economy.

Our process includes having a continuous meeting of the  minds with you, so you know where we are, what we have achieved, and where we are going at all times.  Our team will provide you with periodic updates of the progress we have achieved with you, next plans, and the impact still expected to be achieved.  Since we require no long-term contracts, your continuation of our work for you is always based on your satisfaction throughout the process.

Now, having said that, the reality is that much of the ultimate success of our work will depend in large part on you — your basic business health, your adoption of needed changes, and you and your team’s ability to accomplish certain tasks. There may also be some events that are outside the control of either of us. Our work is much like that of the team of surgeons and other medical doctors — the shared goal is to improve the patient’s health.  The healthcare team will use their skills to accomplish it — but many factors come into play and no one can guarantee the ultimate outcome.

We want you to not only be satisfied, but to see your expectations exceeded.  We will always deal honestly with you, and will be as realistic with you as we can be throughout the improvement process so that we can all make good decisions aimed at you achieving your success.