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How are travel expenses handled?

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Our Texas Consilium Master Services Agreement with clients specifies that our clients agree “….to pay reasonable out-of-pocket travel and living expenses (if any) as required in the performance of services under this Agreement.”  Qualifying travel expenses incurred by our business advisors for airfare, ground transportation, travel meals and incidentals will be billed to the client and reimbursed to the business advisor by Texas Consilium.  In certain cases, travel costs can be paid for you or advanced as appropriate.

In general, Texas Consilium’s policy is that local travel within 50 miles of the DFW area (or within 50 miles of the business advisor’s home, whichever is less) are not billable to clients nor reimbursable.  For local engagements, it is expected that each Texas Consilium business advisor will travel locally by personal automobile, return home at night, and eat meals locally without cost to the client or reimbursement.  Business mileage incurred that is not reimbursed may be deductible as a business expense for income tax purposes, so we recommend tracking your business-related mileage and other expenses.