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May I meet with my lead advisor first?

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In many cases, yes, that may be both possible and desirable. We want to have a continuous meeting of the minds between you and our team leaders assigned to you to assure that we have a clear understanding of where we are, where we are going, and the plans for getting there. Your Texas Consilium Business Advocate will guide you through these steps to make introductions as appropriate.

Please keep in mind also that when you engage Texas Consilium to assist you, you are securing the resources of an entire team of leaders and advisors. As engagements develop and progress is made, the priorities often shift to resolving issues requiring different expertise. We also often uncover issues that weren’t clear when we started, and other advisors on our Texas Consilium team may be best suited to resolving them. Continuous improvement can be a fluid journey that requires adaptability as new issues and new opportunities arise.

One of the true powers of the Texas Consilium concept is that all of our advisors are exceptional, and we have a deep and broad bench from which to draw talent, knowledge and expertise whenever needed.