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Consilium is Latin for ‘council of wise advisors.’ The Texas Consilium exists to help Texas manufacturers, distributors, contractors, transportation, services and other companies by driving profitability, growth and enjoyment from business. We are in the business of business improvement.

Highly seasoned business advisors have come together to serve Texas companies and our local economies by solving problems across functional boundaries. Our aim is to remove the hurdles that block growth and impair profits. We apply our unique breadth and depth of experience to stimulate and accelerate your growth and help you build value.

A Trustworthy Pedigree

The Consilium originated within The University of Texas at Arlington and the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC), the state Manufacturing Extension Partner of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Since 1995, TMAC has helped more than 6,200 manufacturing companies become more productive and more profitable — helping more Texas manufacturers thrive in the competitive global marketplace than any other organization. Building on TMAC’s history of excellence in process re-engineering, the Texas Consilium brings together highly experienced, seasoned executives and professionals who can address virtually any business issue, from leadership, organizational structure, teamwork, accounting and information systems, processes, quality, market research, strategy, top-line growth, profitability and more.

How Can a Nonprofit Boost Your Profitability?

As a nonprofit, we can focus on the profitability of your business, instead of ours. Our success is based, not on the revenues we generate for ourselves, but on the impact we create in your business and on the good we achieve for our state.


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