Opening Night Dinner May 13, 2019 – Photo Gallery

What a great success! 

Whether you joined us as a speaker, panelist, sponsor, team leader, volunteer, or guest, this event was an even greater success because of you — so Thank You!

Throughout the evening we had a welcoming reception, sang the National Anthem, extended our networking with LinkedIn, recognized our very important sponsors, were welcomed by top dignitaries, learned from our CEO panelists, were enlightened and entertained by the fascinating entrepreneurial journey of Jerry Jones, and we presented Jerry Jones with Texas Consilium’s inaugural Business Excellence Award for Lifetime Achievement.  It was a full and memorable evening!

Below you will find many of the photos of the evening, arranged in no particular order.  The images shown here are thumbnails for identification while the actual images will generally show more than you see here.  You are welcome to copy any of these images for use in your social media, emails, newsletters or other communications.  Please attribute your photos to Texas Consilium and whenever appropriate use the hashtag #TXConsilium.

You may also view this gallery of photos as a slide show HERE.  If you would like higher resolution versions of any of these photos, or if you need other marketing assistance, please email us at

As we said in our closing, this event is not about the event.  It’s about the relationships we create and enhance because of the event that matter.  If we can help you in any other way, please contact our Executive Director, Jim Ratchford, at 800-892-2466 x7001 or by email HERE.