What if your business could
achieve its true potential?

Imagine your business rising to NEW HEIGHTS
of performance and profitability.




  • Employee productivity is at a company high.
  • Investable cash continues to grow.
  • Profitability is outpacing expectation.
  • Referrals are flowing in.
  • Operations team scores top efficiency ratings in Texas.
  • Dataflow now gives us a competitive edge globally.
  • Employees vote us the best company to work for.
  • We now rate as one of the top manufacturers in Texas.

Imagine a better future.

Welcome to the Texas Consilium. Seeing your future better.

We are a nonprofit economic development
organization with a mission to help you
accelerate your profitable growth.

About Us

Enjoy topline growth and profit
improvement while navigating competitive
and market challenges. We know how.


Every journey begins with a first step.
Our engagement with you starts with
an exploratory meeting.


Our Vision

The Texas Consilium is dedicated to accelerating the profitable growth of Texas businesses
and thereby also the prosperity and growth of the State of Texas.

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